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Mission  &   Vision


Our mission is to conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the Phyto nutrient botanic world and achieving public  understanding of the value botanics bring to life.


To establish as a leading research and development company to cater to the needs of upcoming enterprenuers in the field of health care, ayurveda and wellness.  To convert natural herbs and plants in consumable form easily suiting to the requirements of human being enabling them to remain healthy and free from diseases throughout their life.

Promoting Seaweed



Enhancement in the production and productivity of Seaweed Aquaculture by improving industrial diversification of the raw material


Green Chemistry

Extraction Process

Optimizing and promoting Green Chemistry Extraction Process which is 100 percent chemical free, non-toxic processing of Seaweed for obtaining active principles from it

Sea weed In Food

‘Let food be thy medicine’ – Seaweed is known to have versatile physiological activities. Including seaweed in food, will add the nutritional and health value of food. We strive to develop fortified with Seaweed acceptable to Indian Pallet

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Seaweed Nutraceutics

Concept of nutraceutical products from Seaweed is popular among westeners. We thrive to popularize the benefits of Seaweed, so that it becomes beneficial to us

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