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Zerol Hand Sanitizer is an Isoprpyl Alcohol based Ayurvedic hand sanitizer, with emollient rich gel base and moisturizing ingredients.

 It has been developed using extractive of NAALPAMARA.

Naalpamara is a group of herbal botanics widely used in Ayurveda. Naalpamara is the collective name used for denoting the barks of four varieties of Ficus trees namely Ficus bengalensis, Ficus racemosa, Ficus lacur and Ficus religiosa. Naalpamara is popular ingredient as an antifungal, anti aging and detaning agent. 

It has a fast acting and effectively proven antimicrobial activity.

It contains 70 to 75% alcohol, uniquely formulated with the goodness of natural herbal botanics, that not only prevents dry, cracked hands , but also helps in maintaining the natural skin barrirer integrity. 

​Kills 99.9% Germs and 100% Safe
​Tested and Certified by ICAR- CIFT​

Features and Benefits 

Qualifies the in vivo hand rub test method of ASTM (E-2755-10), the criteria stipulated by USFDA.

Rapid anti microbial kill of a broad spectrum of micro organism, including anti biotic resistant strains.

Upto 99.99% microbial kill in 15 seconds
Kills bacteria and virus instantly without water
Alternative to soap and water in hand regimen
Non irritant and non sensitizing in par with ISO 10993-10
Scented for maintaining  the freshness of hands for longer duration
Tested and certified by RGCB



Hand sanitizing 


Take 2 ml of Zerol Hand Sanitizer in the palm of one hand.
Rub both hands palm to palm and spread the sanitizer to cover all surface of the palm.
Rub left palm at the back side of right palm with fingers interlaced and vice versa.
Rub backs of finger to opposing palm with fingers interlocked
Let hands dry off


Highly inflammable. Keep away from fire. Donot use it on eyes and sensitive areas of skin. If accidently consumed, immediately take medical assistance. Keep away from sunlight and reach of children. Children may use this under supervision of adults.

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